What is C.A.M.H.P.R.A.?

The California Association of Mental Health Patients' Rights Advocates (CAMHPRA) is an organization consisting of state mandated county advocates, community activists, consumers of mental health services, attorneys, and representatives from other private and public advocacy organizations. For almost 30 years, CAMHPRA has been dedicated to promoting and advocating for the expressed rights and interests of individuals with mental health disabilities. County patients' rights advocates are delegated with the responsibility for ensuring that persons with mental health disabilities confined in locked facilities, residing in residential care facilities, or receiving private or public treatment services are afforded their statutory and constitutional rights. To accomplish this, county advocates are responsible for investigating and resolving complaints regarding abuse, unreasonable denial or punitive withholding of statutory rights, monitoring county mental health facilities, services and programs for compliance with statutory and regulatory patients' rights provisions, providing training and education about mental health law and patients' rights to mental health providers and consumer groups. CAMHPRA members also partner with one another to advocate for systemic changes at the local and state levels that will improve the quality of life and help empower mental health consumers to advocate for themselves. CAMHPRA takes positions on public policy issues at the state and local levels that impact mental health consumers and services. When necessary, CAMHPRA participates in impact litigation to force systemic change. 

For a detailed description of CAMHPRA's advocacy philosophy, refer to the link "Our Principles". 

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