AI and Deep Neural Networks Help MOSDEX Boost Crypto Arbitrage Profits

• MOSDEX has deployed AI and Deep Neural Networks on its crypto arbitrage staking platform, expecting improved profitability and lower user costs.
• The new technology is expected to set a “benchmark for DeFi” by improving efficiency, throughput, and profitability.
• AI adoption in the DeFi space is likely to continue with the deployment of Deep Neural Networks in arbitrage staking.

MOSDEX Introduces AI for Crypto Arbitrage

MOSDEX has recently deployed Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Neural Networks on its crypto arbitrage staking platform. This technology will help traders find better arbitrage opportunities in crypto trading while expecting improved profitability with lower costs to users. According to MOSDEX CEO Joseph Emmett, this sets a “new benchmark” for DeFi.

How AI Path Finder Works

The AI Path Finder scans decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and liquidity pools for price discrepancies. When it finds some, the protocol executes an arbitrate trade using capital provided by MOSDEX users who are then rewarded with a share of the profits.

Benefits of Deep Neural Networks

Using Deep Neural Networks is expected to improve the entire process by providing better efficiency, throughput, profitability, and lower user trading costs. Additionally, this deployment is likely to pave the way for further AI adoption in the DeFi space.

Risks Involved With Arbitrage Staking

Users should only grant custody of their crypto assets over to trusted institutions as there are no guarantees of financial returns when engaging in yield-generating strategies such as arbitrage staking due to volatility in crypto markets.

Growing Influence of AI Technology

The introduction of Deep Neural Networks into arbitrage reflects the growing influence of AI technology in DeFi which suggests that it will continue driving DeFi adoption from now on.