Bitcoin Rush Review: A Comprehensive Guide

In this review we will learn all about the latest Bitcoin automated trading application, Bitcoin Rush.


Bitcoin was sold at $450 in 2016. In the year following, it increased its value by 210%, and was traded at around $1,400. It is no surprise that since the beginning of 2009 Bitcoin isn’t without its challenges as well as market volatility. Additionally, in the past few years, several nations have recognized Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrency as part of the asset category.

The cryptocurrency has gained a lot of attention in the last four years, bitcoins offer innovative ways of earning passive income through speculating on the price movements on the market for cryptocurrency. What is the truth? Is it possible to earn more by simply buying the bitcoins and then selling them? In this article we’ll not only be discussing Bitcoin Rush, but also discover more about the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin Rush

Rise of Bitcoins

The concept that led to the creation of Bitcoin was to create a currency that operate globally and outside the realms of government central authorities, central banks, and financial institutions. While it has attained this goal, Bitcoin still had to make significant progress to get over the stigma of uncertainty that it carries. The constant price fluctuations during its early stages, ranging from no money to a few US dollars up to more than $10,000 have led to it being the most flexible cryptocurrency.

Bitcoins are slowly making their appearance on the market as a common currency. In actual fact, Japan has legalized Bitcoin as a means of payment. Numerous popular brands such as Shopify, Expedia, Subway among others, have already accepted bitcoins as a form of payment for their goods and services. Many are also investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, among other options to diversify their financial portfolio. There are many who earn an income that is passive every day through trading cryptocurrency in general, and Bitcoins specifically.

In the wake of changing trends New methods and applications have been developed to make selling and buying cryptocurrency easier and more efficient. Actually, people who are just beginning to explore the cryptocurrency market can also earn profits without prior understanding of how markets function. A system that is automated such as Bitcoin Rush makes trading easy with minimal involvement by the buyer.

An Overview on Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush is an online trading program that permits both automated and manual trading of Bitcoin as well as a few other cryptocurrency such as Ethereum. Automated transactions are executed with the aid of Bitcoin Rush automated or smart trading robots. These bots that are automated are designed by using advanced algorithms that utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Bitcoin Rush facilitates CFDs trades and also allows traders to trade CFDs in a way that is not required to hold bitcoins in order to purchase and sell the CFDs at appropriate moment. This is one of the most notable benefits offered by Bitcoin Rush. This means that Bitcoin Rush is for everyone and not only for the those who own bitcoins.

Before starting this Bitcoin Rush review we must first be aware of Bitcoin trades and the many types of trading strategies that use Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

What is Bitcoin Trading?

Bitcoin trades include buying bitcoins at a bargain cost and then selling them for more. How can people who trade bitcoins earn money? The most successful Bitcoin traders pay close attention to the price fluctuations of the cryptocurrency coin on the market for cryptocurrency. Many people also earn money simply speculating about its price known in the form of Bitcoin CFDs. In these cases you don’t need to have bitcoins. However, in order to trade which is basically trading and buying of Bitcoins, the buyer is required to have bitcoins.

While trading bitcoins can provide plenty of potential to make money, it will require an extensive amount of input from traders. In addition to a mixture of technical and fundamental analysis, traders must pay attention to the cryptocurrency market to identify profitable signals for trading. There are various ways to make profitable trades. They are the following.

Different Types of Bitcoin Trading

Asset trading differs from investments in that is where the investor has the position of trading for a very long time that ranges from a few months to several years. This means it can be short-term or long-term investments. However trading is about making money by taking the trading position over shorter durations. So trading bitcoins is all about finding the perfect time to purchase or sell the cryptocurrency. These are the most commonly used kinds of cryptocurrency trading.

Day Trading

Day trading accounts cover every trade that is executed within one trading day. Day traders perform multiple trades to earn profit based on the movement of prices for the currency. Day trading generally involves monitoring price movements throughout the day in order to gain quick-term gains.

Intra-day Trades

Like day-trades, however it is only a little longer than a day. The cryptocurrency market is never in a pause as it operates throughout the day. Therefore, intra-day trading works best with bitcoins and other cryptos.


A form that is used in day trading and scalping is watching the market for cryptocurrency. However, unlike day trading the trader is monitoring the market for just a few minutes or , sometimes, for a couple of hours.

Swing Trading

While it’s a form of trading, it’s closer to bitcoins‘ investments. In swing trading, trade positions are kept for longer periods of time that range from a few months to several years. In contrast to day trading and scalping the focus of swing traders is making more money. Longer-term swing trades in which the trade position remains open for more than a couple of weeks are referred to as positions.

Range Trades

Trades that are based on ranges in cryptocurrency include buying the cryptocurrency at the lowest point of the range, with a the stop, and selling it at the highest point in the spectrum. In this instance can be either accumulation, distribution, or selling the coins prior to the fall in price. Range trades are comparable as swing trading. The different is that the profits earned when trading ranges due to deliberate price fluctuations that are caused from other investors.

While experienced traders are familiar with the various trade types, novice investors or those who are new to trading might find it daunting. In these instances that platforms for auto trading like Bitcoin Rush are used for smooth and profitable trades.

In addition, trading generally requires a lot of focus and commitment. This is the time when innovative trading tools , such as trading robots are introduced into the scene. Also, Bitcoin Rush is a specifically designed automated trading system that includes intelligent trading robots.

Bitcoin Rush Review: Important Features

In the course of our investigation to write our Bitcoin Rush review, we carried out an accuracy test in order to assess the effectiveness that is Bitcoin Rush. Bitcoin Rush trading system. According to our tests, Bitcoin Rush has a very high rate of success, approximately 96 percent. While Bitcoin Rush claims a Bitcoin Rush website claims a success rate of 99.5 percent, it’s extremely easy to earn daily money with an average success rate of 96.

As per our research findings, BTC Rush has great possibility of earning money through trading bitcoins and other cryptocurrency. It is because it is a Bitcoin Rush system is a completely automated system with intelligent robots that are able to perform hundreds of trades on behalf of the traders. Additionally, these intelligent robots are constantly analyzing profitable trading signals and providing numerous opportunities to make significant gains.

Bitcoin Rush also features a manual mode that is for traders with the expertise and expertise. For beginners and novice traders but using the automatic mode would be the more suitable option. However, professionals are able to use the automated feature to backtest their trading strategies.

Before we get to the other important aspects of the Bitcoin Rush review, let’s be aware of the way Bitcoin Rush works?

How Does Bitcoin Rush Work?

To help make the process simpler we have separated the main steps into these categories.

Step 1: Account Registration

To gain access to the various tools or menus available on the site visitors must first sign up for an account. This registration process is accessible on the home page on the Bitcoin Rush website. In comparison to other sites, Bitcoin Rush has a easy application form, where all you have to fill in is your name as well as email address and telephone number. When you’ve filled in these fields it will prompt you to make a secure password that will allow you to secure access to your Bitcoin rush account. It is crucial to make complicated passwords to protect personal information. After registration, you will go through the verification of your account.

Step 2: Account Verification System

Bitcoin Rush has a simple verification system to ensure that registrations are successful. Account verification is essential in the long term because the system will prompt customers to confirm their details when they wish to withdraw large sums of money in your Bitcoin Rush account. Additionally the verification process permits traders to manage the trading robots. Once the verification process is approved by the trader will the robots can execute a trade.

Step 3: Try the Demo Trading Feature

After the registration process is completed, users will be able to access their dashboard to select various choices. To better understand how the manual and automated trader modes work we suggest beginners to test the demo option. With this feature users will be able to understand how the automated trading mode works. Demo accounts serve as a learning tool for novice users. When the demo mode is enabled, users are given virtual cash in the amount of $1,500. With this virtual cash it is possible to test your trading skills and backtest certain strategies for trading. But, it’s important to remember it is not a demo account and will offer no chance to earn real money.

Step 4: Bitcoin Rush Live Trading Session

Traders are able to earn money once they have enabled this live-trade feature. To do this to work, they must first make a deposit of a trading capital or investment fund. Therefore, in order to allow automated robots to make profitable trades, traders have to deposit a minimum of $250 USD. In reality it is $250 as the minimum amount a trader needs to put down to begin trading with Bitcoin Rush. Bitcoin Rush automated system.

There are many payment options that users can make a payment of $250 USD into the Bitcoin Rush account including Skrill, PayPal, etc. After your Bitcoin Rush account is funded and the trader can choose the trading parameters to be used in the live trading mode that is automated. A few of these parameters are limits on the stop-loss amount, take-profit limit and trade size, as well as the degree of risk, etc.

Some of the salient aspects that are the hallmarks of Bitcoin Rush.

Bitcoin Rush Services ChargeBitcoin Rush confirms that the trading system is completely free to use, with no hidden transaction or service fees. They also claim that every money that is deposited by users is transferred the Rush trade account and can be used to trade funds. The app’s creators are also confident that at any time and prior to the execution of an exchange, the customer is able to claim a full refund. According to our research and feedback from users who are active, Bitcoin Rush automatically credits users‘ funds in addition to the earnings earned following the expiration of the trading session.

Bitcoin Rush’s Payout Systems:Bitcoin Rush offers cashouts and payouts that are considerably faster as the funds are transferred to the account of the user within only a couple of minutes. In some cases, based on the amount that needs to get processed could take up to 24 hours. The process for withdrawing money is very simple, as withdrawals are processed within 24 hours of the moment of submitting the request for withdrawal of funds.

Customer Support:The customer service service is accessible 24 hours a day, and customers can connect with them via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, to mention several. Additionally, the official site offers a straightforward Contact Form that after submitting, the customer service staff will get in touch with the user by email or phone. Typically, the time required to address user issues is 24 hours.

Customer Testimonials and FeedbackBitcoin Rush’s app for trading prompts users to give feedback when they are happy with the answer from or assistance from Support staff. User testimonials and feedback suggest the possibility of earning cash through trading on the automated trading system.

Partnership with Exchanges and Broker Services The companyBitcoin Rush has partnered with a variety of brokers and exchanges for cryptocurrency that allow traders to access their accounts from anyplace around the globe. The purpose of brokers is to oversee automated trades to ensure profit trading opportunities.

Information on Investments and Market Updates:The trading menu on the dashboard lists other options, such as investment advice, market updates as well as indicators to help make the best trading choice.