Burn Crypto and Win Big with Upcoming RPG Game on Terra Classic

• Meta Gloria game developers shared a sneak peek of an upcoming P2E RPG, which will use Terra Classic’s upgraded tech.
• The game will include a native currency for in-game purchases, and 70% of profits made in $LUNC will be set ablaze.
• Through the initiative, they aim to maintain the market price of $LUNC by putting a significant amount of it out of circulation.

Meta Gloria Reveals Sneak Peek of Upcoming Play-to-Earn RPG

Meta Gloria game developers have revealed a sneak peek of their upcoming Play-to-Earn (P2E) role playing adventure game on the Terra Classic blockchain. Yesterday’s tech upgrade brings the blockchain up to speed with LUNA 2.0 and other Cosmos blockchains, allowing dApps and games like Meta Gloria to be stored on it.

Burned Profits Maintain Market Price

The developers also unveiled that the game would use its own native cryptocurrency, $GLS, for in-game purchases. Additionally, 70% of profits made in $LUNC through the game will be set ablaze in an effort to maintain its market price by reducing circulating supply. This is part of Proposal #11511 passed yesterday which was even supported by leading crypto exchange Binance.

Rewards as NFTs & Crypto

The post-apocalyptic scenery provides plenty of opportunities for players to win rewards with both non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrency alike. The developers had originally planned to launch their title on 4/20 but are now expected to do so soon given that 90% work on the project has been completed according to their tweets yesterday afternoon.

Terra Luna Classic Plunged 27% Over Last Month

The Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) token saw a sharp drop over the past month – plunging 27%. This announcement should come as exciting news for fans and holders alike who can expect some support for the token’s value from burning profits gained through playing Meta Gloria’s P2E RPG when it launches later this year.

Layer 1 Task Force Supports Upgrade

The Layer 1 Task Force proposed #11511 which passed yesterday and was supported by Binance – bringing parity between Terra Classic network and other Cosmos powered blockchains such as LUNA 2.0 . This allows dApps such as Meta Gloria and numerous others to be stored on this original chain bringing new opportunities for users across various platforms at once time!