Coinbase’s Base Network: Security First Ahead of Mainnet Launch

• Coinbase’s Layer 2 Base is preparing to launch its mainnet on Ethereum.
• The network has conducted multiple security audits and developed a monitoring tool called Pessimism.
• Base is focused on combining Coinbase’s security best practices with the decentralized security of an open-source codebase.

Coinbase’s Layer 2 Base Aiming for Secure Mainnet Launch

Coinbase’s layer 2 network, Base, which has been forked off of Optimism, is preparing to launch its mainnet on Ethereum soon. The team behind the network is taking a „security-first“ approach by combining Coinbase’s best security practices with the decentralized security of an open-source codebase.

Simulated Security Exercises

Base has held simulated exercises to test their response capabilities and the overall resilience of the network in case of a large-scale incident or attack. To ensure high levels of safety, the network is built on top of Optimism Stack, which is open source and has been tested by Optimism team.

Security Audits and Protocol Researchers

Over the past six months, Base has conducted numerous audit partnerships with OP Labs as well as engaged over 100 protocol security researchers from Code4rena who have not uncovered any vulnerabilities or breaches thus far.

Pessimism Monitoring Tool

To further enhance safety measures, Base has developed an open source monitoring tool called Pessimism which will alert users about potential irregularities such as account balance changes or contract events disparities between various nodes in real time.

Bringing Millions of Developers Onchain

With its focus on providing maximum security ahead of its mainnet launch, Base hopes to bring millions more developers onto the blockchain while also bringing billions more users along with them safely and securely.